How to Sell a House in Less than a Month

Many people face circumstances where they need to sell their house as quickly as possible. Maybe they need to relocate for a job or a family situation, or maybe they’re experiencing financial stress. In these cases, selling to a cash buying company may be the solution.

Find a Cash Buying Company

Cash home buying companies are growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional home sales. Rather than listing your home on the market, you sell it directly to a company that specializes in buying homes and investing in properties. Since it’s a direct sale, with no third parties involved, you can close much faster than with a traditional sale.

Cash buying companies are usually locally-owned and typically concentrate on one geographical area. They know the community and the market. Look online to find a reputable cash buying company near you.

Receive an Offer

Getting a cash offer on your home is quick and easy. You just contact the cash home buying company, either by phone or online, and let them know basic information about your house, such as the size, location, and general condition. Most companies will send a representative to your home to meet with you.

Within a day or two, you will receive a cash offer on your home. This is a no-obligation offer, and you are free to accept it or decline. If you decide to accept, you are ready to take the next step, the closing. 

Close Quickly

In a traditional sale, you have to wait for the buyer to finalize their financing. Sometimes sales can fall through at the last minute because of financing problems. But a cash home buying company already has full funds to purchase your house and doesn’t need to get financing. 

Since there are no inspections or appraisals to be done, the closing can be scheduled quickly, often within a week or so, and in almost all cases within 30 days. At closing, you won’t be charged a commission or any closing costs. 

Selling to a cash home buyer assures a simple and predictable sale, and best of all, it’s fast. When you need to sell in a hurry, it’s worth it to check out the process and get a no-obligation offer.

You can sell your Richmond, VA area home in 30 days or less. See how Joe Homebuyer RVA can help.

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